The truth is that personal skills play an important role in recruitment and can even be decisive in choosing a candidate.

If you think that a good set of technical skills already makes you a good professional, you are wrong. There are other types of skills that are taken into account when it comes to recruitment.

We are, therefore, talking about personal skills, which when looking for a job, can be fundamental to being chosen.


Personal skills are increasingly valued by companies and, therefore, you must be aware of what they are and what these skills are so that you can succeed in your job search.

You’ve probably heard of soft skills , and in recent years more emphasis has been placed on the expression. Considering that companies are more attentive to the behavior of their professionals, personal skills (so-called soft skills ) are placed side by side with the company’s culture.

That is, if the profile of the person who performs his/her role in an excellent way does not match the organizational culture, there is a high probability that some things will not go well, both for the company and for the professional.

Taking into account all the challenges of the digital age that are emerging, it is possible to verify that the recruitment processes are increasingly demanding. And one of the requirements that has become evident is the fact that companies are looking for more complete people (both technically and emotionally).

So, if until a few years ago it was enough to have some improved technical skills, today the job market scenario is a little different. It is necessary that you invest more and more in the personal skills that you acquire over time.